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Geraldine Hall wrote the following on September 19, 2015. LIFE   “That’s life!”   That’s what we hear people say.  But what does it truly mean? Is it a condition?  Is it a way of expressing how we live or are living?  Just what is life exactly?  What is this four letter word?  So small in spelling in the English language: but so HUGE: so GIGANTIC and sometimes, so OVERWHELMING and not to mention, IRREGULAR: yet day by day we say and do experience it.  It’s what we call “Living”. Most of the time, we live life, without thinking too...

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The Journey

June 29, 2009 was the day of my mother’s surgery. I assumed that she would have surgery, recover, and go home. The waiting area was fairly quiet, though there were more than fifteen people. I wondered if the other people waiting felt the anxiety that I felt. After waiting for five hours or more, my mother’s surgeon appeared. I looked to see if his face contained any expression. I thought that if I looked at his face it may contain a clue of my mother’s outcome. His face showed nothing. He informed me and my family that the basketball...

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